Group Guitar Classes Levels 1-6

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Carrie’s passion for both the guitar and teaching is infectious and that is well reflected in her effectiveness. When I began level 1 guitar with Carrie, I had previously dabbled in guitar playing for about a year whereas the rest of the class was touching the guitar for the very first time. That put me in a unique position to observe how, in a matter of weeks, everyone in the class was able to attain a level of skill and knowledge that had taken me three months to learn on my own. I think a big part of Carrie’s secret sauce at being so effective is that she creates a very safe, supportive and fun space for learning. So to those who’ve always wanted to learn guitar but may be intimidated by the idea of learning to play: don’t be. Sign up for a class and you’ll be glad that you did.
- Tony
Participant in the “Guitar-Level 3” Workshop

Taking guitar lessons with Carrie gave me my soul back. I had been wanting to learn how to play guitar for many years but something always got in the way. When I finally bought a guitar, I looked at Yelp reviews to help me decide who to take lessons with. I’m so happy they led me to Carrie.

The lessons are fun, light-hearted and challenging at the same time. Carrie has the amazing ability to convey her passion for the instrument to her students and she helped me realize how much progress I’ve made in a very short time. I can hardly believe that only a few months ago I wasn’t able to play anything. Now I’ll be performing at one of Carrie’s guitar parties!

Carrie is not just a guitar teacher. She is a guitar-playing community builder and I look forward to continuing to be part of it. I just signed up for level 3 and I’ll be signing up for every level she offers. – Alessandra Participant in the “Guitar-Level 3” Workshop

I can’t say enough good things about Carrie. She’s a really talented teacher, one of the best I’ve had in any field. I was really intimidated to start learning guitar for real after years of not playing, and then I’d only picked up songs from friends. Now I’m learning the full range of chords, scales, and picking and strumming patterns. Carrie is intuitive, student-centered, encouraging, fun, and completely unpretentious. One of the things I appreciate most about her teaching is her responsiveness – she unequivocally meets every one of my questions and teaches me any song or technique that I want to learn. You would be very lucky to have her as a teacher. I’m about to start her songwriting class as well and can’t wait!

Private Guitar Lessons

Carrie has been the perfect guitar teacher for me. I had always wanted to learn guitar, but finally decided I needed some structure to finally do it.

Enter Carrie and her studio. She’s in a convenient spot in the Mission and has a lot of experience in how to bring a group of beginners along. In our first 8-week group course, we learned many popular songs. Even though the learning curve is steep and we stammered through those first few weeks, Carrie is very encouraging and our group helped motivate each other. Next thing I know, I’m already in guitar 3 and am very happy with my progress. Most of my class has continued too, showing they are very satisfied too!

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 3” Workshop

I had always wanted to learn guitar, but never was able to make time for it. Then last fall I went to a fundraiser and Carrie had donated lessons as part of the silent auction. Two glasses of wine + the chance to support a good cause and next thing I know, I’m taking guitar!

Chance operations aside, Carrie is an ideal teacher for someone with a busy lifestyle. Her studio is conveniently located near 16th and Mission, it’s very warm and welcoming and she always has tea if you are rushing from work. The other students in the class are friendly and interesting. Carrie is very attuned to how we are doing as a group and sets a pace that is comfortable.

One of my favorite things about the class is that Carrie emails the sheet music and a youtube video after every class. So if you have to miss one (or two!) you can keep up. Of course, that also means you have no excuse not to practice!

I’m in Guitar two now and feel like the price for the class has been a great value given all that I’ve learned. If you are thinking of taking guitar lessons I can’t recommend this class highly enough.

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 2” Workshop

I went to the graduation for Carrie’s Advanced Songwriting class in the summer, where each person performed two of the songs they had written.  The range of genres was enormous, the songs were vastly different, and yet somehow very congruent with each person’s unique gifts and style.  It was completely inspiring, and also called to the performer in me.  I left thinking “I want to do that!” and signed up that evening for Introduction to Songwriting.  Carrie offered our small and supportive group a mix of didactic instruction in which we explored the elements of a song in theory and through listening to music, and unconditional and encouraging space to present our ideas and share them with the group.  It was so thrilling to have a safe place to explore actually performing for others and that was a total high in itself.  I was quite amazed to find that three weeks in I had already written three full-length songs.  I had no idea that was within me, and once I had experienced that, it just picked up steam.  For a dear friend’s 50th birthday, I realized the most personal gift I could give her was a song.  I wrote it, recorded it, and uploaded it within an hour, and sent her the link in a happy birthday email.  She was really moved.  So was I.  There is something about tapping into creative essence that brings so much joy and vibrancy to life.  Carrie has a real gift in being able to gently open this within each person and welcome what comes forth with love.

Participant in the “Songwriting” Workshop

I’m grateful for the space that Carrie creates through this class, allowing for a little community as well as enough instruction/structure to make the daunting task of writing a song seem totally do-able. It was just great to be part of something that felt like fun while also encouraging my jaded, cynical, and generally over-it self to go right ahead and write a damn song.

So I did it. A few times. I wrote some songs. I got over myself, with the guidance of this class, moved heaven and earth, and wrote some songs.

I mean, my EP is totally on it’s way.

Thanks, Carrie.
Participant in the “Songwriting” Workshop

Carrie’s songwriting workshop changed my life for the better, in so many ways.  Specficially, she helped to make the craft accessible and a lot of fun.  After spending so many months trying to figure out how to write a song on my own, I can finally express the music within my heart.  It truly is a blessing.

I now have a greater appreciation for music on so many levels.  I really admire performers of any musical genre who are willing and/or able to write lyrics that are honest and personal.  Utlimately, Carrie’s songwriting class teaches people how to believe in their own talent.  Her class is the investment of a lifetime and I highly recommend it for anyone.

Participant in the “Songwriting” Workshop

I just finished level one of group guitar lessons with Carrie and literally can’t wait until we start up the second level.

Carrie is patient, sweet, funny, knowledgeable, and helpful. She is thorough and will take as long as you need to learn something or help you figure out how to break apart a song and focus in on the problem area.

Having wanted to learn how to play the acoustic guitar for more than 10 years, I’m happy to say after just eight weeks of classes I know at least ten chords and so excited to learn more about strumming techniques and more difficult and advanced chords. Let Carrie teach you, you will not be sorry!

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 1” Workshop

Carrie’s songwriting workshop is a gift!!!  Contrary to my expectations of learning about the hard-set rules on songwriting, I happily learned that the hard-set technical rules are secondary to learning to trust my own creative voice which naturally delivers the song.  Exploring what it means to be creative, learning that creativity is a process and trusting one’s voice are some of the gifts one takes away from the songwriting workshop.  These ideas transformed my relationship with my own creativity, so it’s pretty darn cool and liberating!!  Lastly, Carrie walks the talk, so she’s pretty inspiring to know!!

- Jean
Participant in the “Introduction to Songwriting” Workshop and the 6-month “Advanced Songwriting Mentorship Program”

With a background in science, a forced retirement in my late 50s enabled me to explore new paths. I had always admired the creativity of my singer-songwriter friends, and love the music they make, so I enrolled in Carrie Love’s “Introduction to Songwriting.”  The experience was amazing and transforming for me.  Carrie provided all the tools I needed to be able to write a song, and coaxed out creativity from me that I didn’t even know I had.  By the end of the six-week course I had written words and music for two songs and performed them for the class.  I have since continued my studies with Carrie through monthly workshops and a mentorship program, getting further instruction in guitar technique, music composition, and performance skills.  I now have a body of 22 original songs and have been performing some of them live at open mics at the Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco, Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Novato, CA, and several house concerts in the Bay Area, with affirmative response.  I have gotten more than I ever dreamed out of Discover the Sound of You!

Participant in the “Introduction to Songwriting” Workshop and the 6-month “Advanced Songwriting Mentorship Program”

I’ve tried to learn many instruments, but these beginning guitar lessons with Carrie have allowed me for the first time to get excited about learning an instrument.  Carrie is playful and encouraging–we have fun and we learn new songs.  It’s a great class for someone looking for a safe environment in which to make mistakes and find their way.

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 2” Workshop

I am a performer who is fairly new to music. I had never composed a song but I knew I had to overcome the scary but important task of composing an original song for a show I was creating. I was attracted to Carrie’s work having discussed the creative process with her and feeling her fluency with the ins and outs, the self criticism and the ebb and flow of creation. She so readily picked up on all my cues, needs and desires- it made getting started easy. Just talking to her once; everything seemed possible. I think I must have been crazy taking on such a big project. But I talked to Carrie about it and it seemed like a workable task. We started slowly with all of my big ideas and then went in simply laying down tracks and making music. What had seemed daunting at first became the workings of a really pleasurable and sane creative experience. The result was amazing and helped make my show a success. The audiences loved the work and I was really glad I took the leap to work with her. With Carrie’s help I was able to get to the core of my passion and express something subtle and profound in the music that emerged out of the chaos. I am so grateful for her work with me.  I think every solo artist should be fortunate enough to get to work with her.

Private Songwriting Coaching

Carrie’s class really demonstrated that songwriting, which to me seemed incredibly complex and inaccessible, was actually a lot simpler than I could have imagined. The class really helped me touch on a side of my own expression would have been hard to fathom prior to the experience. For anyone looking to stimulate their own creativity, I highly recommend taking one of Carrie Love’s courses! Huzzah!

Participant in the “Songwriting” Workshop

Carrie is so awesome!  Her introduction to songwriting class has really changed my life.  I have wanted to write songs for many years, but have not had much “formal” music training, so it always felt like something that was unattainable.  Carrie’s approach to music and the creative process helped me to believe in myself and my inspirations, and to learn to work with my specific creative process, in order to find how creativity flows through me.  She helped me to believe that really anyone can write songs!  I am so excited to continue with what has opened up in me through this process!  And so grateful to finally feel like the channel of music that wants to come through me is finding a place to go!

Participant in the “Introduction to Songwriting” Workshop

Taking guitar lessons with Carrie has been an amazing experience, she teaches music the way I have always wanted to be taught, with a fun, lighthearted and modern style, her fresh approach allows you to learn to play the guitar your way, playing the kind of music you actually listen to, whilst gradually and carefully adding skills and challenges with each new lesson. Carrie is so sweet and easy going, I can’t imagine a better teacher, my friend and I started with Level 1 and don’t want to stop, looking forward to level 3 !!

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 2” Workshop

Carrie’s songwriting workshop was a great and moving experience. When sharing any kind of creative art/expression, I think the artist has to have a supportive, open, meaningful atmosphere and this was definitely the case with the workshop. Even though we were all beginners, we felt completely comfortable and valued when we shared our songs.  Thanks Carrie for creating such a cool class!

- Nil
Participant in the “Introduction to Songwriting” Workshop

I have enjoyed beginning guitar with Carrie immensely. Carrie is a wonderful teacher and an accomplished musician. Her dedication to her students is evident from the get go. Whether it’s a certain song you’ve been yearning to learn, or a frustration with new material, Carrie is always so willing and patient to find the solution. Classes feel as though you were at a friend’s house, having a laugh and making music. I give Carrie two thumbs way, way up.

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 2” Workshop

Carrie’s songwriting workshop is a total gift.  The invisible rules that you usually find around this stuff weren’t there.  I felt real support in my own discovery the whole time.  Plus, we laughed a lot and the snacks were amazing!  I’m so grateful to have had the experience.

- Stephanie
Participant in the “Introduction to Songwriting” Workshop

I’ve been involved in Music on the more technical side for several decades and although I’ve written many pieces of music I always seemed to have “writers block” when it came writing lyrics. Carrie’s workshop broke me through that block and it was almost like being granted permission to start writing lyrics. Her choices of exercises and the weekly feedback sessions really helped me make the writing of lyrics almost second-nature. Carrie creates a very supportive and caring environment for exploring what can be a quite personal creative form.  I am very appreciative and wouldn’t hesitate to take the class again!  Many Thanks Carrie!

- Rodney
Participant in the “Introduction to Songwriting” Workshop

After a ten year hiatus, I signed up for Carrie’s 6 week beginner guitar class. I decided it was time to revisit and pick up my lovely, but very dusty guitar. During my third trimester of pregnancy, I felt determined to literally bring the music to my family. And I am so glad that I did. It was such a rich and enlivening group guitar class!
Carrie created such a relaxing, supportive, and fun atmosphere that felt very natural and safe. I received a great deal of attention despite being in a room with seven other people. Carrie gave us such a thorough foundation yet also individualized our class based on our specific musical interests. This made the class so much fun! I also felt a camaraderie with my classmates that was definitely inspired and held by Carrie. Thank you Carrie for providing such a solid and fun foundation. I also felt happy to practice, and I look forward to playing for my newborn!

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 1″ Workshop

“When someone you love passes on, it’s not easy. Very few people truly understand the journey that lies ahead of you as you try to find joy during this difficult time. This class helped me discover how to express what I am going through – through the expression of music.

Before this class, I always wanted to write music but felt that I did not have enough experience on a specific instrument to do this. But that’s not true! You just have to have thoughts, a pen, a piece of a paper and a comfortable environment where people support you.

Carrie creates and provides this safe, inspiring, loving space for you to work through the pain to create something beautiful. For the very first time, I wrote my own music, a song to honor the passing of my mother. And now that I have started to write, I don’t intend to stop.”

- Jennifer
Participant in the “Exploring Grief through Music & Songwriting” Workshop

Carrie Love is undeniably inspiring as a teacher and musician. She is so skilled and patient that even I, a clumsy tone-deaf noob, can learn acoustic guitar in less than three weeks. The was incredibly welcoming and supportive. It provided a superb blend of one-on-one attention with the collective learning efforts of a classroom setting. I never felt forced or pressured or rushed at all, and yet the way Carrie teaches made me want to practice practically every day. Her class was more than just learning the basics, it was an introduction to music as a lifestyle that brings indescribable benefits to learners like me who started the guitar a little later in life.  Thanks for everything Carrie!

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 1″ Workshop

Carrie’s class was the perfect balance of support without pressure, and a lovely group with whom to learn. She makes every effort to understand how each of us was developing, and matched our progress to make sure everyone could succeed. Thanks, great fun!

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 1″ Workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful and supportive atmosphere of your class and classroom, and especially appreciated the personal attention you gave to ensuring that we all had what we individually needed to progress. The materials were a thorough, yet simple introduction to guitar basics, and when I had mastered one thing, there was always just a little more to keep me going. My playing has improved dramatically, and I’ve been enjoying it so much. Thanks for the encouragement!

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 1″ Workshop

I’ve been taking private (thought that’s how you did it) guitar lessons on and off for decades plucking away until I got bored then dropped it for the next adventure….. and I have to say, for this Gemini, the group guitar thing with Ms. Love was the answer to my wondering ways.
Carrie is
INTERESTING…showed us a buncha’ ways to strum newly introduced classic songs
THOUGHTFUL…created a Facebook Guitar 1 Group for us newbies AND emailed a lil clip of how the song we just learned can sound…
RESPECTFUL…answered even the questions we found silly as we laughed asking them
KNOWLEDGEABLE…shares her expertise in a way in which a beginner can understand and can adjust her vocab and hit you from another angle if you need clarification

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 1” Workshop

I have wanted to learn how to play guitar since I was in high school, but was too shallow to cut my nails…(no joke)..

I am now older and wiser and decided to go for it nails and all…but the biggest question was how to find a teacher…I had fears of a gentle guitar man who would lean over me and gently reposition my fingers while whispering in my ear…seriously..not what I was looking for. journey led me to yelp where I found Carrie Love and I have to say that I LOVE her and her teaching style.

She has a super comfortable and awesome studio space (think airy with exposed brick walls, painted wood floors, some mid century chairs and a cool green rug).

She makes you feel at home in so many ways…offer teas and snacks, supportive and genuine smiles and hugs (if you want;))

And on top of all of this goodness she teaches you how to play guitar (acoustic or electric) in a supportive group environment.  In just 6 weeks I now have a repertoire of 12 songs…all awesome and classic.

Group Guitar?? What?? Seriously, it is great for so many reasons, you realize that some of the issues you are having aren’t because you are challenged musically, but because it is just hard in the beginning and others are struggling too! You also sound better when practicing as a group and don’t have to feel embarrassed if you mess up.

Even though it is a group class, she always makes time for individual questions and attention and will explain something many different ways until everyone gets it.  It is a small group and I met some amazing people in this class (a side bonus).

Her beginning guitar class is just awesome and you should sign up for it! You won’t be sorry, but the tips of your fingers may be (just for the first few weeks;))

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 1” Workshop

“My experience was deep and extremely important to recognize my grief and use it in honor to those I lost. The experience of creating the song was certainly the most touching discovery about the possibilities of transformation that music could drive me. I am full of gratitude to you. I am back to write and play my guitar and it is priceless. You are very skillful, sensitive and amazing Sound Therapist. I am glad that I could participate in the workshop and feel completely safe to sing, and write and play with the group! Thank You.”

- Claudia
Participant in the “Exploring Grief through Music & Songwriting” Workshop

“I wanted to extend a big and deep thank you for the workshop. It was absolutely wonderful! Each week, I really feel as though I got something new out of it and dug a little deeper into myself. I’m not sure I could have asked for anything more.”

- Kim
Participant in the “Exploring Grief through Music & Songwriting” Workshop

I played a little guitar as a teenager and decided to pick it up again early in 2010. I found Carrie on Eventbrite and decided a short-term commitment of 6 weeks was just what I was looking for to see if I could keep up the practice and the enthusiasm this time around.

My first class was with three other students and Carrie was somehow able to keep us all on track at the same time, week in and week out. I decided to sign up for another class afterwards and have been learning from Carrie since.

Carrie’s patience and tireless enthusiasm for her students’ learning is remarkable. Each lesson she teaches you a new song, perfectly suited to your skill level, but challenging enough that you learn something new and cool each week. Even in a group setting, Carrie makes sure everyone is following and is careful to observe each student’s individual progress. Her warm nature and sense of humor creates a relaxed and comfortable learning environment, while her own masterful ability keeps you inspired to stick with it and keep showing up for class.

Other cool stuff:
- Carrie always has tea and delicious treats waiting for you at class. If you’re coming straight from work this is a lifesaver!
- Soundspace is a lovely, aesthetically pleasing space, with nice lighting, lots of room and just .. “good vibes” generally.
- Carrie creates videos of the songs you learn each week so that when you’re practicing at home with your music, you can have an added resource to look back on for any tricky parts you’re struggling with. Very helpful!
- Carrie is always accessible and happy to answer questions between classes.

If you’re curious about learning guitar or want to get back into playing, I can’t recommend Soundspace and Carrie more highly!

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 2” Workshop

I was given Guitar 1 lessons as a gift and did not really know what to expect since I had zero experience playing guitar. Carrie’s studio is warm and friendly like herself. There is no pressure and the atmosphere is a supportive and relaxed small group setting. She introduces one or two new chords each week and provides handouts showing the correct finger placement. She presents a classic song (e.g., Beatles, Bob Dylan) each week and patiently explains the chord progression, timing and strumming patterns. The group plays along together at a speed everyone can follow. If someone falls behind (frequently myself), she will slow it down so we can progress together. Questions and discussion are always encouraged. Carrie follows up each class by emailing the group a Youtube video in which she again reviews the chord progression and strumming pattern for that week’s song. She also provides alternate strumming patterns for the more adventurous. The videos are very helpful for recalling the details from class and the student can pause and repeat the video while they practice. Carrie also has an online forum where students can log their practice times and complain about their finger calluses. She is not strict about the ‘correct’ technique and encourages students to find what works for them at the beginner level. Her emphasis is on helping her students get their foot (or fingers) through the door and playing immediately recognizable and pleasing music. This makes the guitar more accessible and keeps students excited to stick with it. Ultimately, you will get out of the guitar what you put into it. Carrie provides valuable resources and a supportive learning environment to help you do this. She is a wonderful instructor and I hope to learn more from her in the future.

Participant in the “Beginning Guitar-Level 1” Workshop